The Livestock Sector Strengthening Project

The Livestock Sector Strengthening (LSS) Project supports FCDC Counties to enhance pastoralist community resilience that will result in improved livestock-based livelihoods and sustainable socio-economic development. The project is focusing on improving key factors such as fodder production, rangelands management, herd management and market development. It strengthens the capacity of FCDC/SFAL, the Pastoralist Parliamentary Group and County departments for Agriculture & Livestock, to deliver relevant services more effectively. It also enhances inter-county coordination, peace and cohesion. SFAL and the Pastoralist Parliamentary Group, PPG implement the project.

The Institutional Strengthening Project

The World Bank through Kenya Accountable Devolution Program (KADP) provides technical assistance for the development of a Socio-economic Blueprint of the FCDC region, the coordination of surge capacity to improve service delivery in FCDC counties, and the development of a roadmap to socio-economic development in its member’s counties.

FCDC Sector Forums

FCDC is putting in place Sector Forums as instruments to enhance cooperation, coordination and information flow between counties and with the national Government. While the Sector Forum for Agriculture & Livestock is well established, has already held seven meetings and is responsible for the implementation of the LSS project, the Sector Forums for Health and for Lands are in their initial stages and have held first reflection meetings.


Member Counties