Sector Forums

FCDC has developed Sector Forums as instruments to enhance cooperation, coordination and information flow between counties and with the national Government and other partners. Sector Forums have a semi-autonomous status and are coordinated by a Secretariat within FCDC.

Objectives of Sector Forums

1. Sector Forum for Agriculture and Livestock (SFAL)

FCDC has set up a Sector Forum for Agriculture & Livestock (SFAL) as an instrument to enhance cooperation, coordination and information flow between counties on issues related to Agriculture and Livestock. County Executive Committee Members (CECs) for the respective agriculture and livestock departments meet every three months, and the SFAL secretariat within FCDC implements requests and decisions taken by the Forum.

2019 – 2020 priorities

Since formation, the Sector Forum has been able to harmonise and prioritise key areas of intervention for the region. For 2019 – 2020, the following are the key priorities for SFAL:

  • Development of harmonised County Sector plans
  • Sectoral coordination at the county level
  • Fodder production
  • Disease control framework implementation
  • Advocacy on livestock-related issues
  • Value chains development
  • Human resources management information systems.

SFAL Board 2019

Chair – Mr Jovan Bonaya, CEC for Tana River County
Vice Chair – Mr Vincent Learaman, CEC for Samburu County
Member – Mr Francis Kitelauyan, CEC for West Pokot County

SFAL Priority areas database

This section has a filter function, consisting of the following categories and the 10 counties:

  • Disease control
  • Ending Drought Emergencies
  • Fodder production
  • Peace and security
  • Rangeland management
  • Innovations
  • Value addition
  • Water harvesting
  • Camel milk
  • Abattoir
  • Honey

2. Sector Forum for Health (SFH)

In view of promoting cooperation, coordination and information flow between counties and with the Ministry of Health County CEC’s for Health have met in August 2018 together with technical experts and representatives from the Ministry of Health to discuss the state of health in the FCDC region and to deliberate the merit of establishing a Sector Forum for Health.

The Sector Forum would act as an engine to drive regional collaboration, lessons learnt sharing and policy coordination around key health priorities in the region. The meeting also provided an opportunity to root the broader discussion on health to concrete issues, including primary health care and quality of maternal and perinatal health in the FCDC region.

As a way forward from the meeting, Health CECs and government representatives from the FCDC Counties signed a Memorandum of Understanding endorsing the formation of a Sector Forum for Health.