About SFAL

The Sector Forum for Agriculture & Livestock (SFAL) as an instrument to enhance cooperation, coordination and information flow between counties on issues related to Agriculture and Livestock. County Executive Committee Members (CECs) for the respective agriculture and livestock departments meet every three months, and the SFAL secretariat within FCDC implements requests and decisions taken by the Forum.  

Objectives of SFAL

  • To enhance agriculture and livestock productivity in the FCDC region
  • To harmonize policies for agriculture and livestock and County agricultural sector plans (as part of CIDPs); create synergies and reduce duplication of activities
  • To coordinate agriculture and livestock-related infrastructure developments in the region in order to avoid duplication
  • To debate on inter-county issues related to agriculture and livestock and come up with binding agreements and recommendations 
  • To act as a forum for the exchange of information and learning; conduct joint assessments and share best practices.
  • To advocate on issues related to agriculture and livestock, food security, pastoralism and drought in FCDC Counties.

As of January 2020, SFAL General Assembly has had 11 coordination meetings.